Thursday, 5 May 2016

Here is the link for Episode 3 of "War with Troy" for you to listen at home:

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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Greek Geography

As part of our topic on modern Greece, Class 4 took time to investigate the geography of the country. For this, we produced short video clips. Enjoy! 

War with Troy Episode 2

Here is the link for Episode 2 of "War with Troy" for you to listen at home:

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Thursday, 14 April 2016

War with Troy Episode 1

Here is the link for Episode 1 of "War with Troy" if you would like to listen again at home:

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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Welcome to the new year

Welcome to the new academic year at Malvern Wells we would like to start off by welcoming our new year five six Teacher Mr White.

We have a brand new web site and we are in the process of creating a new blog.Through out the school year there will be exciting trips topics and much more to expect.

For those of you who don't know what a blog is a blog is a web site run by lots of people or by one person you can post what ever you want, you can  desinge your format and the coulor of your barcoded a blog is a good way to keep track on what is going on in a certan place it is also a fun way to keep track of your friends.Class fours new blog will open shortly we hope you enjoy it and our new web site.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Wild Adventures s2 I saw my friend die so I took the chopper and left my friends behind. I looked back at them they were disgusted with me. One of the soldiers tried to shoot me down. I left the city and found a car. I took the car a drove out in to a desert and remembered my friends, wondering if they were dead yet. Then a portal appeared with the builder and the destroyer who got out of the portal and said “Why are you here.” I said, “I might of killed my friends.” Wild Adventures s2 Coming soon .

Thursday, 25 June 2015

WAR HORSE by Michael Morpurgo

Joey is a warhorse, but he wasn’t always. Once, he was a farm horse and a gentle boy named Albert was his master. Then World War I came storming through and everything changed. Albert’s father sells Joey to the army where the beautiful, red-bay horse is trained to charge the enemy, drag heavy artillery, and carry wounded soldiers not much older than Albert off of battlefields. Amongst the clamoring of guns and slogging through the cold mud, Joey wonders if the war will ever end. And if it does, will he ever find Albert again?
War Horse is one you will all probably be familiar with through the stage play or film. But I must say try the book first! If you read the book then nothing has been changed or altered! A truly awe- inspiring tale of courage, beauty and the unique love or cruelty that exists between man and horse. We hope with all hope that our horse Joey can make it through his trials and through the war. Read it and find out if he does!


It’s 1943, and Lily Tregenza lives on a farm, in the idyllic seaside village of Slapton. Her life is scarcely touched by the war until one day Lily and her family, along with all of the other villagers, are told to move out of their homes – lock, stock and barrel.
Soon, the whole area is out of bounds, as the Allied forces practice their landings for D-day, preparing to invade France. But Tips, Lily’s adored cat, has other ideas – barbed wire and keep-out signs mean nothing to her, nor does the danger of guns and bombs. Frantic to find her, Lily decides to cross the wire into the danger zone to look for Tips herself…
One can truly say that there is a very happy ending to this eventful war story. I grew very fond of the three main characters: Lily, Adie and a wandering-prone female feline named Tips! This was a novel full of suspense as Lily tries to evade the soldiers in the fenced off village in order to find this lovable cat. She must evade the soldiers at time but also plead them for their gracious help as well. A thoroughly satisfying tale that covers Lily's lifetime from child to old age. Does she find happiness through a cat's tale? Well I will let you guess!

STIG OF THE DUMP by Clive King

It all starts when Barney goes down the chalk pit, where everyone tells him not to go, to find a little dilapidated, scruffy hut. That was not the only thing; he also found a man. But not just an ordinary man, no! A cave man named Stig.

It is amazing even the most unbelievable stories can turn out to be true. In this extraordinary tale Stig opens Barney to a world he never knew existed. He teaches him such skills and shows him true friendship. An unforgettable book and on that even involves a time-travelling adventure, even if his family take it all with a pinch of salt!

THE SILVER SWORD by Ian Serraillier

On a cold, dark night in Warsaw in 1942, the Balicki children watch in horror as Nazi Storm Troopers arrest their mother. Now they are lone. With the war raging around them, food and shelter are hard to come by. They live in constant fear.

Finally, they get word that their father is alive. He has made it to Switzerland. Edek and Ruth are determined to find him, though they know how dangerous the long trip from Warsaw will be. But they also know that if they don't make it, they may never see their parents again.

I thoroughly enjoyed this thrilling journey across Europe to seek out their parents and find refuge. It is always difficult to resist a plot that involves parentless children clinging to each other's love and making a terrifying but exciting journey where friends, strangers and the Nazis lie in their path.