Sunday, 21 June 2015

Minecraft Post John

                                              STICKY SITUATION

As my eyes opened, I could see a great expanse of water below an insignificant range of dunes. The glint of the sun was causing me to wince; I had to look away. I found myself on a desert that the sun was beating down upon. Slowly looking around, I also saw some desert islands that were deserted. The sand was burning my skin as if I was touching a  red hot poker. After realizing there was not much evidence of living things, I then became anxious about my chances.

What a joyous surprise! A jungle was right behind me! On my journey towards my jungle exploration, I saw the tip of another desert island in the distance, but who was to know whether this was deserted. Sadly my curiosity piqued, I swam towards it. Would curiosity kill the cat?

I found this island to be abandoned. No creatures or other human beings were living there. I soon learnt that the colossal island suffered its abandoned state due to zombie invasion. The sun began to go down. An adrenaline rush was activated within me. Something started attacking me. It was a zombie. The monster soon alerted other zombies and then, much to my dismay, something happened...

A horde of the undead were very quickly surrounding me. Would I be a survivor? Could I be a survivor? With just one stone sword and thirteen zombies trying to kill me, I very soon found the logical answer to my own question. The growing army of now seventeen zombies began their rampage. They were simply unstoppable. I valiantly managed to reduce the army to now six men, but my sword was very close to smashing to pieces. 'Smash!'.  My sword finally broke. With no more weapons and still three zombies remaining I began to escape. The channel between my abode and this accursed island was in sight with the remaining zombies hot in pursuit... 

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