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YEAR 5 - Spring Term 2015 


Week 1

Week 1 will be refereed to as ‘The Big Dig’ as in this introductory session, with Year 5, we put on our archeology hats and explored the past! We found artefacts from a previous WW2 hospital and a group of boys even built a den (museum) to showcase their findings!
   Tree-climbing was high on the agends and we discussed risk-management when climbing and working in the woodland environment. We played games such as: ‘1,2,3 where are you’ and ‘kick the can’ to establish the area of our Forest School site and learn that both John and Sally were indeed good at hiding!
   As the session flourished into full swing, groups enjoyed building mini-beast hotels, digging for signs of the past, inventing forest games and generally being very ‘at home’ in the forestry environment.
With promise of more archaeology digs, tree-climbing, forest yoga and construction of ladders to assist in tree climbing…
bring on week 2!

Week 2 

Week 2 - Straight into the action after a brief discussion over safety when working on site and boundaries. We welcomed Christoper Bayley, a parent from our school who kindly volunteered to assist in the session, he proved a dab hand with rope work and had some very creative ideas for our FS sessions. The group worked on a multitude of tasks including: tree cookies - using the saw, swings from large branches, rope ladders and of course, the big archaeological dig! The group were amazingly independent and inspired me with their love of the forest and an appreciation for the great outdoors. We have decided to decorate out tree-cookies for the next session and drill holes for us to tie them as an entry requirement to Malvern Wells Forest School! 

Year 5 Forest School
Week 3

A-frame ladders, rope swings, sawing, drilling and some whittling with the new knives! What more could you want from a session? Tree-houses, tree-climbing and decorating tree-cookies, well ‘YES’ we did all those things as well!
     The forest was alive to the sound of … Year 5 embracing the Forest School adventure. Everywhere I looked was a buzz of excitement, harnessed energy and a desire to complete whatever was being worked on before a hot-chocolate break! I watched Max tie some excellent lashings to his A-frame ladder with Christopher, Jadzia was really keen to produce a butter knife by whittling and carving a sticks and the group working near the lower end of the site pretty much build a tree-castle!

YEAR 6 - Autumn Term 2014 
Week 1 

What a first session it was! 
An introductory session to allow the pupils to embrace the outdoors and what a way to start (with rain!) 
We all sat around the camp and discussed expectations and boundaries within the session to allow Forest School to flow and empower pupil choice. After a few games, including: One, two, three where are you? and the 'secret agent' undercover game, the pupils were at ease with the setting and safe working environment. 
     Tree climbing proved to be a very popular option and we even got a few knots under our belts! I enjoyed working with Vicky, Laura, Phoebe, Ella and Oscar to make 'Log-Dogs', we learnt how to tie a timber hitch knot, which will prove to be very useful for dragging logs across the floor (ideal for den building!) The team then enjoyed taking their 'log-dogs' for a walk upon the forest floor. 
So what is in store for week 2... A little birdie told me that tree cookies and some low ropes activities might be on the cards. Watch this space!

Well done Year 6 on your first ever Forest School session. It will always be a special one to me as it was my first session as a Forest School leader and it certainly has given me the Forest School buzz!

Mr Warne 

The girls with their timber hitch 'log dogs'.

Sloth impression  !

The log ladder of doom!

Have you taken it yet Mr Warne? I'm about to fall out of this tree!

 We have lost someone!  Oh there he is! 

A strenuous mornings work!


Week 2 started with the most awe inspiring sunshine cascading over the Malvern Hills. This filled our spirits with Sally and Jon's help we even slipped in a spot of cross country running before the session started!  
    As an introduction, the group discussed and reminded each other about the basic rules within the sessions and then we had some fun with a few wide games. 
    The main focus of the session was to teach some basic knots which would enable the group to then choose how and when best they could be used. The clove hitch was the first knot, which is a great starter to attach rope to a stick. We then went on to look at square lashings and how they could be applied to making photo frames. 
     Some went off and used what they had learnt to make swords, broomsticks and even beds for their beloved 'Log-dogs!' 
    The highlight of the session for me was seeing Ollie and James really focused on making a full size door which would fit between two trees - with the help of Jon they got pretty close to completing the challenge! 
      Well done Year 6 - Bring on week 3. 

Mr Warne 

Ben's square lashing put into action!

The smallest picture frame I have ever seen!

Ollie and James were hard at work making a giant's doorframe!

The Hogwarts moment of the session!

Week 3 

This was my favourite session to date! Why? Well because of the absolute engagement in the session from every member of this star-studded year 6 group. 
I wanted to use the session to really push creativity and a sense of adventure and certainly got more than I expected. The hook was survival in the woods and we looked at tripod lashings to erect shelters. The group took things one step further by using square lashings and figure of eight stopper knots to make: Ladders, rope swings and dens. 

A superb Timber-hitch knot in action = well done James!

Week 4
Week 4 was all about the introduction of fire! We finally had the chance to light our first Forest School fire within the safety of our fire-pit. Mr Warne used the fire flint to attempt to get our fire going but it wasn't quite catching as everything was slightly damp from recent downpours of rain. When we did get the fire going we used this as a chance to offer our class prayers to the fire in a spiritual moment where we observed a minute of quiet reflection. The session was then well and truly  alight with the first chance to use tools to produce tree-cookies and opportunities to make rope bridges. 

Week 5
The final week of Forest School for the first Autumn half term saw John Cree form Bishops Wood join us. Unfortunately we didn't have Mr Starky as a ferocious squirrel attacked him and he was  heading straight to hospital to check out the severity of this ghastly unprovoked attack! What a start to the session!

    We managed to continue our work on tree cookies where Oscar, Lauara and Tia successfully used bow-saws. Rope bridges were created and students were starting to use timber hitches to secure rope in place, this was essential to prevent any slipping knots!
   Sally ran a session on clay modeling and many member of the group had a go at producing something inspired by nature or survival. These ranged from plates and saucers to hedgehogs and even a Viking skip!
    Xavier even managed to make a zip wire within the session by attaching a carabiner to a rope tied between two trees. It worked as well!
   Join us after half term for more exciting updates on Forest School at Malvern Wells Primary.

Week 6

What a way to start back at school after a half term break... Damper bread over an open fire with my Grandma's secret recipe jam, rope bridges and tree houses! Year 6 were back with a real thirst for the outdoors, thanks to Ari, Ollie and Oscar we managed to light a fire in pretty wet conditions! A group of highly motivated girls managed to make a rope bridge spanning a 6m gap between two Lime trees! Well done to Phoebe, Vicky, Eleanor and of course Mr Starky! 


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    Ollie and Max

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    Poppy from Suckley


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