Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Class 4 Mystery / Horror short stories

Class 4 
Mystery/Horror short stories

Class 4 have been working hard to improve the impact of their writing on the reader. We have focussed on mystery / horror short stories to really engage the reader. The class have been limited to five paragraphs with the focus being on sustaining interest in writing and keeping the reader hooked. 

I was running, running through the moon-lit forest, not caring how much the brambles tore at my face like knives. I looked back. Was this it?

I could see blood-curdling black shadows cascading across the leaf strewn floor. I felt a shiver race down my spine.

Then I saw a hedge, I ducked behind it at the last moment. The creature (or whatever it was) bounded past; I was safe, or safe for the moment. Suddenly I was aware of something enormous towering above me. I glanced back. There was an outline of a face peering down at me. The eyes were harrowing, it's soot black hair was stained with blood.

I now knew this was the end...

By Xavier


  1. Wow!! This is amazing!! It built amazing suspense for the reader, you have achieved your goal!!!

  2. Could it be a bit longer than 45 seconds?
    But it is a briilliiaaant story

    craig and alice


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