Wednesday, 26 February 2014

How to draw a real person... by Xavier

My mum said for me to see my uncle in the hill of Wind Tamer. I was walking excitedly up the hill with my brother running ahead of me. From time to time my younger brother would annoyingly run back and forth trying to make me run with him. When my uncle saw us he ran up to us and threw his arms around us,  my brother moaned that we had not seen him for a long time.
         My uncle invited us in and asked if we would like to see him finish his sketch.
He started drawing in a graceful manner. His hand swept across the page then the head of the man he was drawing started to wiggle.The more he drew, the man's body started to grow on the page. Then suddenly the man hopped out of the page. We jumped back on the cushions in surprise.

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  1. The illustration really brings the fantastic piece of work to life


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