Thursday, 16 April 2015

Made of more

As a cloud, I have always done what other clouds have done before me. But today something happened. One of the younger clouds was braver than us. It went to the city as a curious being. It learnt as it went along, finding out things that no cloud has ever found out before. There was a furious fire and that cloud, the one that was different, helped battle it and in doing so probably saved many lives. That got us other clouds thinking. What if we could be like that? What if we could be clouds made of more?


  1. Interesting storyline, it made me think. It makes you think more independently about your own lifestyle.

  2. We are Hazel Class at Northleigh School and would like to comment on your 100 word challenge blogs. We are amazed at the amount of personification included. We enjoyed reading the first person narratives and explored the poetry forms used. Some of the vocabulary choices were stunning.

    Kind Regards,

    Hazel Class and Mrs Currie.


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