Thursday, 25 June 2015

WHITE FANG by Jack London (Book Review)

In the desolate, frozen wilds of northwest Canada, White Fang, a part-dog, part-wolf cub soon finds himself the sole survivor of a litter of five. In his lonely world, he soon learned to follow the harsh law of the North—kill or be killed.

But nothing in his young life prepared him for the cruelty of the bully Beauty Smith, who buys White Fang from his Indian master and turns him into a vicious killer—a pit dog forced to fight for money.

Will White Fang ever know the kindness of a gentle master or will he die a fierce deadly killer?

I think White Fang's journey through life is extraordinary, as he passes through the hands of many owners. I was overjoyed when this unloved wolf dog finds eventual solace and pampering amongst the Scott family. I found the description of his puppyhood quite distressing and one realises how harsh nature can be, particulary in the setting of the Yukon.

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