Thursday, 25 June 2015


It’s 1943, and Lily Tregenza lives on a farm, in the idyllic seaside village of Slapton. Her life is scarcely touched by the war until one day Lily and her family, along with all of the other villagers, are told to move out of their homes – lock, stock and barrel.
Soon, the whole area is out of bounds, as the Allied forces practice their landings for D-day, preparing to invade France. But Tips, Lily’s adored cat, has other ideas – barbed wire and keep-out signs mean nothing to her, nor does the danger of guns and bombs. Frantic to find her, Lily decides to cross the wire into the danger zone to look for Tips herself…
One can truly say that there is a very happy ending to this eventful war story. I grew very fond of the three main characters: Lily, Adie and a wandering-prone female feline named Tips! This was a novel full of suspense as Lily tries to evade the soldiers in the fenced off village in order to find this lovable cat. She must evade the soldiers at time but also plead them for their gracious help as well. A thoroughly satisfying tale that covers Lily's lifetime from child to old age. Does she find happiness through a cat's tale? Well I will let you guess!

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