Monday, 3 February 2014

107 word challenge
I’ve been at sea for 3 years now, I still miss my friends but it makes me feel happy to know that they missed me to. I live on this boat with my mum and dad and 2 brothers; I’m the only girl in a family of boys but at least I have my mum, my dog, Nemo. One day Danny and Ben (my brothers) were arguing and Nemo was barking at them. Mum was below deck reading the map; she was used to the arguing. Ben accidentally pushed Danny and I into the water. We screamed but all we could see was water.


  1. Nice Ella but maybe a bit more adjectives?

  2. too be honest its quite scary but i love it!!!!!

  3. Ella-That is very good and scary but maybe you could use some more describing words

  4. unexpected ending Ella


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