Monday, 19 January 2015

Emily's 100WC

Petrified, exhausted, breathless, for dread that I might miss my
opportunity to get out of Victorian England. That morning whilst
playing my tablet a portal opened up again and dragged me back in
time. Rather than my previous wonderful trip to Tudor times, this
journey was not so good. I landed in a house, up a chimney with a
master prodding me with pins to sweep faster! I looked down at him,
smiled in a cheeky manner, waved goodbye and scrambled my way up to
the top of the chimney. I could hear the master cursing and was
tempted to shout back 'keep your hair on', but whilst thinking this I
could see  my chance, the portal was opening below me. I grabbed a
rusted metal plate  about my size leaning against the chimney breast.
Sat on it and thought this could go very wrong.  Pushed off, whizzed
down the roof and plunged into the portal below me. A spiral of many
colours followed, then a bump, right onto the same sofa, same game,
paused for me to continue.


  1. Amber from the wyche ce primary school
    I thought it was amazing and really good.

  2. I like the description. I don't really get the ending bit.

    Emily from the Wyche

  3. Love the dramatic starting in your story. I like that you did not tell the reader that it was a game.

    From Sasha-Jane
    The Wyche school:)


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