Sunday, 22 February 2015

The spy train 500 word challenge eleanor

The Spy Train

Hi I am Jason and I am 10 years old. I go to Malvern Hills Primary School. I don’t have many friends, probably because people do not seem to notice me. The more the time goes by the more unpopular I get. Luckily I have one very good friend called Erik. He always seems to understand what it is like to have hardly any friends, the reason for this is because, he is shy and quiet, just like me. My Mum tries to get me into more after school clubs, but the only one I am interested in is the spy club. I asked Eric to join me andhe really enjoys it. This term we are spying on importing illegal unknown dog breeds. We don’t know where they are from, or what breed they are, but we do know-that they get imported on trains and sold for lots of money.   

Today I have just found out that Erik and I have been selected to go on a mission. I am so excited, I can’t wait to find out what we have to do…
We found out what the mission is: We have to follow up a lead they have had about the puppies arriving by train and see what we can discover and report back to the spy club tomorrow.

School has finally finished and we are setting off for the station. We ran down the path and spotted a one carriage train in the station. This is unusual because most of our trains have at least three carriages. We approached the platform discreetly, and without being noticed jumped onto the train. I felt scared and surprised that we had actually got onto the train and were now faced with rows of empty cages. Suddenly the door slammed shut loudly and we were thrown to the floor as the train departed  the the station suddenly. Erik and I looked at each other in fear, how could we get the train to stop? Why were all these cages empty? What would my mum say when we did not arrive home for tea? All these questions running through my head and not a clue what to do.

Very quickly the high pitched squeaking from the breaks drowned out the engine, and the train came to a sudden juddering halt. After a door slammed  loudly we heard someone shouting outside.
“Alright Bill, all delivered, just off for a quick cuppa before I load the next lot. Noisy blighters ain’t they.”
We heard the mournful barking of  lots of dogs nearby. We opened door and slowly looked around and realised we were only just outside our town in a neglected deserted farmyard. We jumped down and ran, ran as fast as we could straight back to school to give our information to our teacher before any more puppies could be imported on to our streets.

We were so happy to be on our way home safely,  I wonder what our next mission will be.?

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