Monday, 20 April 2015

Made of more

I didn't fit in. They said I was to curious, but I I wanted to see the world not follow the same cycle very day. That's what I did I traveled, traveled every where. Then I found a city full of troubles, so I stayed. 

I wandered round I saw poverty, children whith no shoes, dogs as thin as a rail fighting over a scrap of old meat. Then I  Saw rich people driving their ferraris and  Porches around whith out taking one glance at any one else.

Suddenly I heard shouts and screams, then I saw the bright orange light of a fire, fireman were trying as hard as they could but they couldn't control the fire. I had an idea I would put the fire out  I'm a cloud it was time to put that to use, I rained as hard as I could it was out I had done my work. It was time for me to I now knew where I belonged.

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