Monday, 15 June 2015

mine craft short stories eleanor

W.A.L.T Write a short, narrative using mine-craft to inspire our writing. 
I squinted, my eyes adjusted to the new found land. I saw a sudden flash of white, it was a strange creature that had a bulbous figure. I then new: it was my ticket to a bed for many nights to come.
I was walking it sounds simple but it isn`t when you have no idea where you are. Imagine a place where the animals are free but you have to kill them to survive, were colossal ranges rise up around you, where you see mines but you don`t dare to go in them: this is where I am; and this is my adventure.
“AHH!” “What just happened?” (There was total silence total darkness.) What do I do now? I just fell, it wasn`t far but there was no way I was getting out the way I came in. Thoughts rushed through my mind, should I walk on? Should I wait for help? Or should I make a ladder out of here? I decided to explore, that was the only way I hung onto hope. I walked a couple of feet and saw a glimpse of light, my eyes opened wider, I walked quicker. This was my chance.
I was approximately one metere away from being free, I even saw land, but my calm voice turned into a scream. It felt like daggers piercing through my skin, I could not see what did it, but I felt my blood gushing out of me. I became light headed as it dragged me into its den, and it left me there to die.   

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