Monday, 15 June 2015

Vicky's descriptive mineraft writing

My eyes squinted open, the blinding light of the coruscating sun to bright for my eyes. I looked around at my surroundings; I appeared to be on a small stretch of beach , in front of me was a wide expanse of water dotted with mini islands. Frightened, confused and anxious. I trekked towards the hills in hope the trees would offer some salvation.

As I stumbled on I saw the tops of the hills and trees were covered in a light dusting of snow, my spirits lifted, I could melt it for water. In the distance the dazzling sun lowered below the hills, stunning colors of gold, amber and fuchsia filled the sky. Gradually I trudged towards the horizon. Scattered across the island were creatures of different colors roaming the country side as if the world around them posed no threat. Bats circled in the sky above a cool breeze sent a shiver up my spine. A narrow hollow caught my eye, I decide to stay there for the night.

I crept into the cave nervously and carefully as I was unsure what I would find inside. As my eye sight cleared I heard the sound of stone scraping against stone, of dynamite about to explode, of one thousand snakes all hissing at once. It came towards me a tall green creature with pitch black eyes that radiated fear. I sprinted away, the monster right behind me, a tree came into view I swung myself up and hoped it wouldn't pursue. I reached the top and settled down for the night, as I drifted off into a restless sleep my mind filled with questions. Questions I couldn't answer.

My eyelids fluttered open and for a moment I forgot where I was then I remembered last night my head filled with panic and for the first time since I got here I started to cry warm thick tears sliding down my face. I was lost on an island with unrecognizable creatures and no civilization for miles. At that moment I turned to climb the tree eight blood-red eyes glared at me unblinking into mine I screamed, my voice echoed through the valley. The abnormal beast was black as night with not only eight eyes but eight legs too; it burst into flames as the tree around it. I screamed yet again as my skin started to burn, flames licking my hair I jumped out of the tree not paying any attention to the pain that shot through my leg,

I hobbled towards the glistening expanse of water and dived in the gentle waves caressed my sore skin, burnt hair floated in the water around me I kicked up to the surface but something restrained me. A green weed was wrapped around my ankle. I opened my mouth to scream but water filled my mouth; I tugged and tugged however I couldn't come free. As I started to lose conscious and more water filled my mouth a thought entered my head: after all I've been through, was this really the end?          

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