Thursday, 25 June 2015

WAR HORSE by Michael Morpurgo

Joey is a warhorse, but he wasn’t always. Once, he was a farm horse and a gentle boy named Albert was his master. Then World War I came storming through and everything changed. Albert’s father sells Joey to the army where the beautiful, red-bay horse is trained to charge the enemy, drag heavy artillery, and carry wounded soldiers not much older than Albert off of battlefields. Amongst the clamoring of guns and slogging through the cold mud, Joey wonders if the war will ever end. And if it does, will he ever find Albert again?
War Horse is one you will all probably be familiar with through the stage play or film. But I must say try the book first! If you read the book then nothing has been changed or altered! A truly awe- inspiring tale of courage, beauty and the unique love or cruelty that exists between man and horse. We hope with all hope that our horse Joey can make it through his trials and through the war. Read it and find out if he does!

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