Tuesday, 4 February 2014

105 word challenge

This week Mr Warne came into the classroom holding his iPhone in his hand and laughing his head off! Everyone started to ask him what was so funny. Finally he showed us the picture and everyone was thinking what could be so funny to make someone laugh like Mr Warne did? Using the interactive whiteboard Mr Warne showed us the picture.It was a picture of a GRAND PINK GORILLA on a BICYCLE! So for the rest of the morning the whole class LAUGHED and laughed! At the end of the day the class told their  Mums and Dads and Mr Warne wasn't really in their good books!
                                                                  BY M-JAY



  1. I liked how you put in lots of punctuation and hope no one got hurt

    by oscar

  2. tut tut Mr Warne


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