Monday, 3 February 2014

But All We Could See Was Water by John Sebastian Davies

                 ...but all we could see was water...
 ...the swell of saltwater smashed the ship sideways. The angry sea unleashed rage like a crazed whirling dervish. Waves towered skywards as this black demon unrepentantly displayed her malice and violence. Damn this schizophrenic mistress! Calm, gentle and serene one moment, terrifying but inspiring the next. "If I live until tomorrow, I swear by the heavens above that this will be the most accursed experience of my life!", screamed Skipper Jack. The densely dark rolling clouds swallowed any remaining hope like an ominously closing final curtain call. Raindrops pinged off the deck as Neptune fired machine gun-style at defenceless victims...

by John Sebastian Henry Davies


  1. Congratulations John - an exceptional piece of descriptive writing. I especially enjoyed the personification of the storm! Very effective indeed! You are officially the first person in Class 4 to receive this accolade, CONGRATULATIONS - Lets see what visitors to our site think?

    Mr Warne

  2. WOAH. Dramatic? Or is there a stronger word to use?


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