Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Crocodile VS Kangaroo

“Ready get set go!” The kangaroo sprinted off like a jet, while poor Crocodile was left behind plodding along. By this time the Kangaroo was way ahead and very close to the jungle and unfortunately Mr. Crocodile was still plodding along ,quite happily, not minding how far ahead kangaroo was in front of him! But because kangaroo sprinted most of the race and got exhausted and Mr. Crocodile had caught up with kangaroo and both came to the next obstacle. It was the murky swamp Crocodile told Kangaroo it was the easiest obstacle. BUT ALL WE COULD SEE WAS WATER. Crocodiles favorite thing was swimming! 

By Bethany


  1. personification :)

  2. A really good retelling of the fable in the right style Beth!

  3. Great fable Bethany! I liked how you described how the crocodile was walking.


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