Tuesday, 10 February 2015

500 BBC Radio Challange by John

This may sound crazy and you will probably not believe me if
you ever hear this! My name is Kieran McMullan. This
is a radio broadcast that you may never get
to hear. I live in the city of Belfast , at No.2 Bridge Street. The
day is 15th April 1941. It is 11 o’clock at night. I have met a
strange character called the Doctor, who tells me he is a time
traveller. Yes I know ! You will probably think that I am mad
and that this broadcast is by some crazed person suffering
from hallucinations, as a result of what is happening right
now !  He says that he has come to ensure the safety of my
younger sister Clara, who he says will be very important to
the future of our world! The Doctor says that I should make
this broadcast as a witness to this terrible event, in case that
no one is able to talk of this again !  He has told me that,
if the Nazis succeed in their aims, there may never be
freedom for our people in the future!  Clara has been taken in
his Tardis and transported to somewhere safer, though I do
not know where. He has left me with this transmitter to speak
the truth of this night. I am scared, but the Doctor says
everything will be alright in the end. I am not so sure. He
promised he will be back soon for me, though that does not
reassure me. He says to stay under our Morrison shelter and
wait. I am so frightened.
Tonight we heard the sounds of aeroplanes. We thought it
was RAF fighters. But they are not, and they are many! You
probably wonder why I am alone at this time. My father died
when I was three and my mother is working a late
shift in the aircraft factory. Now, I do not know what to do! I
want to find my mother but the Doctor says to stay here and
wait for him. He says he will make sure Mum is okay. I can
hear the German bombers pass over us, wave after wave. The
bombs fall like the sound of wailing witches in the sky. When
I peer through the lounge curtains, all I see is the sky, lit up
red and orange. The foundations of the house shudder and
all I think is," Dad, where are you now when I need you?"
I am afraid but angry. I want to rip those aeroplanes from the
sky, like the great King Kong that I saw in the flicks. Doctor,
where are you? Clara where are you? I pray that we shall all
make it through this terrible night. But, if I or little sis never
see Mum again, please remember us in this time capsule
transmission that the Doctor may find. Over and out!
Night night world ! Night night Mum ! Night night Clara! Meet on the other side!

By John Davies

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