Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Ollie Cooke's 500 word story

The fire monster
I remember the fire roaring up devouring the wood and throwing fireballs as it went. I leapt to the side as a burning plank of wood skimmed my ear before crashing into the wall and swallowing up the painting in seconds.
“RUN!” shouted my sister whilst dodging the monster of fire lashing out at her. I grabbed my water and threw it at the burning wreck of the painting but it made no difference. By now my brain was telling me the only thing that felt natural, run. I found myself slamming against the window, the glass smashing around me letting me fall out onto the damp cold grass below.
Within seconds I was up and flying over our garden gate on to the road. Where could I go? The fire monster would be swallowing up the house soon then it would progress through London destroying anything in its path.
It seemed that I’d been running for hours, but I made it to the fire station. I explained and they immediately were off, speeding through the city closer to the fire which had become three times the size and had incinerated the nearby houses and it was spreading fast. Suddenly the fire-fighters clicked into action and sprayed the monster of orange with water but once again it didn’t do anything.
At once the fire fighters backed off and everyone started to panic. I still think about those questions in my mind like, Would we survive?  Would the fire monster destroy everything or would a miracle happen? Gradually the fire gained on us spreading throughout the houses and the dreadful truth became apparent, we could not do this alone.
I remember the thoughts speeding round my head. How could this fire be alive? it was trying to kill people. What was going on? Then a thought came to me, what if the fire was being controlled by some sort of monster?
The fire-fighters had been attempting to put out the fire for an hour but water didn’t seem to do anything to it. I was scared, my family had died in the fire and I would too if we didn’t do something. By that time I knew that if the world was going to survive, a miracle needed to happen and it needed to happen quick.
All of a sudden camera crews turned up on the scene so the news had spread, and then on live TV it happened. The sky opened in a fury of light and flames, then a blue shimmering haze attacked the roaring fire, battering it before rejoining in the sky and battering it again. Finally after many attacks the blue shimmering mystery was victorious. Everyone started celebrating and leaping about.  We had survived.
Even now I think about that day and about what that blue monster was and where it is now. Even  now, 10 years on,  I wonder about my family who died that night and all that happened on that dark, dark, scary night.

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