Sunday, 22 February 2015

500 words Hatty

In my dream I watched the Pegasus pony kick and struggle as the knife came closer. All the fear inside me condensed into determination to save it !! I lunged out of bed as the morning arose.

Checking Instapeg, the Pegasus website, a wingmail came in from Valerie Vale, Pegasus Custodian. “Hattie, come quickly, I’ve spotted a Pegasus in distress !!”

Stuffing my pyjamas in a bag, I raced down the stairs into the kitchen, turned on the radio and ate breakfast like I’d never eaten before. “Pegasus – like pony spotted on the Ice Plateau in Iceland !” said Rapids Johnson, Wildlife Reporter.

I stuffed food into my ragged satchel, leapt out of the door and on to Ranger, my trusty steed ! We trotted to the harbour where my worst enemy, Freda Foulness, was making a sandcastle. She watched me board “The Ice White” with Ranger then quickly called her sidekick, Daniel D’Arkness ! At the last minute they leap onto the boat belonging to Captain Foulness, Freda’s dad. It began to follow us ...

As the hulk lingered behind us in a devilish way, Sir Pegasus Pollensa was at the helm hurrying “The Ice White” on. Suddenly, out of the blue, there arose a massive white plateau ! As I saw Valerie Vale waving, I scrambled off the boat with Sir P. And struggled up to the edge of the plateau. As I glared at the Pegasus which was there, I could not believe my eyes !

There he was, Victor, the boy from my school, holding on to the head collar with all his might. Below us, with cunning in their eyes, came Freda, Captain Foulness and Daniel, holding a suspicious satchel under his arm.

As Valerie smashed blocks of ice on their heads, Sir Pegasus fired tranquilliser darts into their bottoms. Cautiously, as I wrapped the head collar round the pony, I whispered to her “Please, Angel, follow me , this is your life at risk !” I carefully led her into the specially constructed, ice-blue, on-board horsebox and gave her a snow- net.

Back at the harbour, we covered Angel up and trotted briskly back to the snug house. I led her into the back garden. Suddenly, Mrs Foulness spotted me ..........

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