Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Life Long Letter

My life is boring; in fact my life is the most boring life in the entire world. All I do day in and day out, is sit around writing stories, watching TV and playing computer games; it may not sound boring to you but when you have played most computer games, watched nearly every film and TV series that is available, trust me, it gets very, very dull, but I don’t really know what I want to do with the rest of my life. I’ve thought about being a vet, doctor, teacher maybe an author but the problem is I can’t decide.


It came through my letter box quite unexpectedly one beautiful summer evening. Now, I know that it was not addressed to me but the temptation was too great; it looked so inviting with its old looking style of writing and tea stained paper all curled up and crinkled.  I had to open it that very moment, and I can tell you, I do not regret it one bit.  When I told my friends about the letter and what it said they thought I was crazy.  But I was compelled by what it said and I had to follow it through.

Over the years I have travelled around the world and have seen some amazing sights, many that have been there for thousands of years. I have, learned other languages, and discovered different cultures and their beliefs. I now understand why people live the way they do. During my travels I have met many people and some have become very close friends. I have lived with them and shared many things with them food, clothes, books, pets, knowledge on how the world works and wherever I could I have tried to help them.  Every day I looked for opportunities to help strangers.


I am now back home thinking back over my long and eventful life, what fabulous adventures I had been on, all because of just one letter. I did not miss having my own house or having lots of possessions. Everything I had ever owned could fit in just one small rucksack. Traveling the world by foot and ferry exploring the many beautiful countries and cities some at war and some very peaceful. When I think back and think what type of life I would have had compared to the life I lived is very different. If I had not gone on that adventure than I would have been cooped up in my house and sometimes going out instead of having a free life to do whatever I wanted and not worry about the future or all the trivial everyday things.   

What was in the letter? Do you want to know? Well if you are lucky perhaps one day you too will get a mysterious letter in the post when you least expect it.  If I were you, I would just open it and see what is inside. You could change your life by opening just one letter.

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