Sunday, 15 February 2015

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,
Today this is how my day went… Boom! Crash! The guns kept firing, the bombs kept dropping. I thought to myself will today be my last day living?
I’m extremely happy to be in bed tonight able to write my diary entry, but it will probably be like last night and the night before that, when I couldn’t get to sleep because I was worried; worried that I would die in the night. Will I be shot? Will a bomb drop on me? Will I be alive tomorrow? It’s the way I’ve felt since this horrible war began.
This morning I woke up in the traditional routine; wake up seven am on the dot, breakfast 7:02am. I could whiff the scent of the original porridge while I was walking down the long, elegant, grand, spiral staircase that was painted a royal blue.
After breakfast I went back up to my room and was about to get dressed when suddenly there was a power cut. I was in complete darkness. Petrified, exhausted, breathless, I ran downstairs as fast as humanly possible, to try to find my mum for dread that this was the end…
Once I reached the ground floor, I looked everywhere but my mum had vanished. Suddenly I saw a mysterious silhouette. It said to me in a spine chilling, deep, aggressive voice: “There is no getting out of here this time.” My heart was beating one billion times a second. I gazed over at the old, rusty, wooden door and ran as fast as lightning. It seemed like forever until I was eventually outside but I kept running as fast as my legs would carry me.
Once I was in the forest that surrounded my house, I stopped needing to catch my breathe. I closed my eyes hoping that it was all a dream. After a minute I opened my eyes. I glanced around realising with horror that there were hundreds of men surrounding me with their guns held up pointing at ME!! Boom! Crash!  They all fired their guns. At first I ran and carefully dodged the bullets but when exhaustion set in I fell to the ground. I lay there silent, still, terrified.  
The men must have thought I was dead as after I while I heard them moving away. Still I lay there, unable to move.
After what seemed like forever I heard a faint voice shouting: “POPPY! POPPY!”
The voice sounded very familiar and it started getting closer and closer. Soon I realised it was my mum. Suddenly I was overwhelmed with relief. I knew that my mum was safe and now she had come to rescue me.
As soon as mum saw me she raced over, flinging her arms around me. Swiftly she helped me to my feet and then lead me back safely to the house.
Once home, mum made us a warm cup of hot chocolate, ran me a hot bath, then tucked me into my comfortable bed.

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