Saturday, 14 February 2015

Beulah's 500 Word Challenge

Alicia was thirteen and tall with long, fair, auburn hair that went down to her thin waist. She had stunning, hazel brown eyes and tanned skin. Alicia was a tomboy and refused to wear dresses, skirts, anything pink or frilly, but she loved her jeans.
Alicia loved drawing and had a talent for it, she could draw almost anything. Her greatest drawing was a gargantuan dragon, its name was Chaos. Its scales were metallic blue, the pointed, sharp spines on its enormous back were fiery red, its fearsome claws and deadly teeth were blood stained and grimy. The eyes were what gave it its ferocious appearance, they were black as the darkest soul from hell, just black, no colour, just black.
One day Alicia stayed behind at school because she was helping her friends with their drawing, and Alicia and her best friend were walking home but Alicia suddenly noticed she had left her drawing pad at school so they started walking back.
Suddenly they heard a roar coming from the school and then a lion came bounding at then from in the school “ROAR!” The lion kept coming so Alicia ran, she just ran! She hit a dead end and was cornered, just as she thought the situation couldn't get any worse, it did!
An almighty, ferocious howl came from the centre of the collapsing school, a beacon of fire shot up into the sky! The school collapsed to reveal the greatest, most feared of her drawings, it was the dragon of her nightmares, Chaos!
The lion scattered along with many emerging creatures of different shapes and sizes. Then it hit Alicia, these were all the things she had drawn, the dragon, the lion and all of the extraordinary. This had all happened when she had gotten her book wet when she was painting, she had never gotten her book wet before, so it seemed that all of her drawings when wet came to life!
Alicia had a genius idea, that was quite risky, but she had to do it. She climbed over the pieces of the fallen school, until she came to what used to be the art lab and rummaged around pulling up book after book searching for hers, if she could just find her book she could try to put her drawings back where they belonged.
She searched for what felt like half an hour until she finally found her ripped book, it had been neon pink before but now it was covered in a layer of dust and dirt. Alicia scrambled around the floor till she eventually found a snapped pen,”a snapped pen is better than no pen” is what Alicia kept saying to herself, but now she had what she needed she did not have a clue what she would draw, to get the drawings back on the page.
That was it she needed to draw the drawings going back onto the page! Alicia drew what she imagined, added water, but nothing worked!
                “HELP ME!”

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