Wednesday, 25 February 2015

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SDear diary 

Saturday 15th May 2009 

Life living at the old barn house is great. I get a shed as my bedroom - anyone would think I was a cow or a horse! There are no shopping centres, no swimming pools, nothing, it's the worst life ever. 
So today is my first day living at Winford Farm and it's not great. The house is made out of wood and I hate it, I repeat: I HATE IT!!!!  Grandma died two weeks ago and Grandad went to live in a care-home and wanted our family, the Jenkins, to take of the farm and live in it. Grandad said it would be fun but I guess his idea of fun is cleaning poop up and cleaning animals. I wasn't made for work.

Sunday 16th May 2009 

Although we're not religious we went to church for something to do. I met a lot of people. They all thought my name, Lilliana, was pretty and their names, Florence, Kiwi and Margerie weren't. Well, I'd rather be called Florence or Kiwi than old Lilliana. After that we went 32 miles to go shopping at Barnsley Mall which was enormous and that's the truth. I bought 39 items: you never know when you're next going shopping. But For me that was the last time ever.

Monday 17th May 2009 

So it came to my first day at Winford School and yes, I had a lovely welcome! Come on, you can't throw a new girl in a river full of cows drinking! Can you? When I got home I tried to hide. I hate it here! People hate posh stuff and wear cowboy stuff instead . I did make one friend - her name's Amily. She's so pretty with long black silky hair and pretty blue eyes that sparkle in the sunlight. At my new school there are the bullies: Magnus, Fern and the big, bad Judas . He's the worst person ever and he hates everyone. 

Tuesday 18th May 2009

Soon Tuesday came. The day was horrible. Magnus ,Fern and Judas were ill. Still I can't believe they had back-ups called Magnus Jnr, Fern Jnr, and of course Judas Jnr. But after school Amily and I went to the Mall (all 32 miles) to buy some stuff. When we'd been there for two hours we saw Fern. "Hello little Lilly! I know let's play tag!" Amily and I ran as fast as our legs could carry us. Soon we got to a dead-end - the only choice we had was to go through the five metres deep fountain...we just had to do it. Anyway we got home soaking of course and I used five boxes of batteries to get myself dry with the hair-dryer.

Wednesday 19th May 2009

So at the end of five days I had lots of things happen. 1: new name 'little Lilly' 2: swim through 5 metres deep pool 3: meeting the 6 bullies 4: knowing my name is awesome.


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