Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Island

I woke up alone on the floor in a small wooden rowing boat. The boat had come to rest on what I presumed was an island. All I could see was golden sand, gleaming blue water and trees that looked like palm trees except for the strange looking fruit hanging from the branches.

I got out as quietly and carefully as possible, whilst checking around me for it felt like I shouldn’t be here. The sand was soft beneath my bare feet. It was also warm because of the sun shining down on it. I felt scared and confused with lots of questions going round in my head. Where am I? How did I get here? What am I going to do?

My heart was thumping so hard and wildly that it felt like I had lots of soldiers banging drums inside me, bang, bang, bang, bang... I tried to slow my heart beat down by breathing deeply and steadily. I moved towards the trees with the strange looking fruit, cautiously hoping to find somebody else. However I had no idea what or who lived on this island. Would they be human? Would they speak my language? Would they be friendly? Would they help me?

Just as I reached the shade of the trees I became aware that the sand suddenly felt cold. I hadn’t noticed that the warm sand comforted me, but now it was gone and I began to feel even more scared.

What was that!? I was sure I heard something. It sounded like the snapping of a twig. I heard it again and turned quickly towards where it sounded like it was coming from. Feeling petrified now, I stood as still as a statue not even wanting to breath or make a sound. As I stood frozen with fear, the noise got closer. Just as I was about to try and run away, I saw it creeping towards me. It wasn’t like anything I’d seen before. It was covered with spiky fur. It had two big eyes on a very flat face, feet shaped liked cat’s feet and it sounded like it was growling very gently. By now I really was too scared to move. The ‘thing’ was now only about three feet in front of me. I didn’t know whether to run or scream! However as I stood there hoping and praying it wouldn’t notice me, it stopped and looked straight into my face...

My head started to spin and I felt something on my arm. In the distance I could hear a voice. It sounded like it was calling my name. Something gently stroked my face and the voice got louder. I turned towards the voice and tried to focus my eyes on a shape beside me. As my vision became clearer I realised where I was. My Mum was standing next to me gently touching my face. I was in my bed and that was one scary dream...

“Morning Sleepy Head!” said Mum.

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