Sunday, 19 April 2015

Sophie's 100wc


Floating across the sky, the cloud slowly made it's way through the many towering skyscrapers. The people down below gazed up in wonder, little did they know that the great ball of candy floss was an elaborate disguise to cloak a spaceship. A family of aliens sat inside peering out of the fluff, amazed by the strange colours of Earth. To their disappointment they had missed their flight on the black hole to the Rolo Universe where they had intended to go on holiday. So instead they stopped off in New York City to collect their favourite goodies.

The End


  1. I really like that you did it like there aliens but at the end of a piece of writing you don't need to put THE END because you know its the end if it wasn't then there would be more writing

  2. It was very unusual, I loved it. I found the candy floss spaceship humerous.


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