Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Greek Geography

As part of our topic on modern Greece, Class 4 took time to investigate the geography of the country. For this, we produced short video clips. Enjoy! 


  1. Finn thinks my imovie is very good! Learning about the greeks is very fun because you can learn about myths and the country itself.

  2. I'm gad Finn enjoyed your video Hannah!

    You're right, this topic on Greece will be great. Because not only is it a fascinating country today bu it also has a rich and vibrant history, full of myths and legends!

  3. ha nice work guys on Greece, Athens video Alex

  4. the movies were intriguing and really informative!

  5. i really liked making these

  6. What a great range of iMovies produced. I love the 'Ken Burns' zoom effect on the still images.
    Looking forwards to seeing all of your fabulous work on Ancient and Modern Greece in the future.
    Keep up the excellent work
    I think Morfo Booth would be a superb app for when you are studying Greek myths
    Mr Warne


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