Wednesday, 14 January 2015

bens 100 words

Petrified, exhausted, breathless, I ran as fast as humanly possible, for dread that this might be the end. My heart started beating a million miles per hour. There were a billion aliens chasing me with laser guns shooting as I was dodging them. Then suddenly, I found a gun in my pocket. I was shooting back at them, but they were too strong. I found a jet just laying around. Although I didn't now how to fly a plane, I got in it and took off some how. I finally got away from them, until I realised that they had spaceships...

                                    By Ben Scott 😄


  1. well done you have used you imagination/ i would like it if you explained where the jet and gun came from/

  2. I liked you sentence starters and how you described
    where you found the gun and the jet.

    Poppy from Suckley School


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